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“my boyfriend fulfilled one of my ultimate fantasies, while i fulfilled on of his.  i put on my catholic school girl skirt, with a whipped creme bikini top, and he wore chaps and a cowboy hat.  we did it all night long.  he tied me up with his lasso, and spanked me because i was a bad girl…and that good school girls shouldn’t be bad…we had sex for hours, and then we took a break, 69ed for a little while to relax and take a break, and then had more and more sex!!  it was so great!!”

“I would have to say the most intense sexual experience would have to be when my husband and I were just dating. At the time I was living with my parents and they had a hot tub in the basement.  We wound up having sex in the hot tub with my parents right above us watching TV.  We could hear what was being said on the TV so we were wondering what they were going to be able to hear. ”

“I was at dinner with my husband.  He knew I was not wearing
panties and kept running his foot to my vagina.  I almost
reached an orgasm there at dinner.  Afterwards, both of us
so horny, we went to one of those automatic car washes and
had sex!  Luckily no one ever pulled up behind us- either
way I would have never noticed.  It was GREAT!”

“The most recent started out where we had a glass of champagne and I started to give him a blowjob and then he placed in cock in the glass a covered it with champagne and I continued to give him a blow job.  After a while he poured champagne in my pussy and drank it up.  I preceded to climb on top an ride him hard in my both my pussy and my ass.  After a while he got some toys and proceeded to help me masturbate for him with the toys and empty champagne bottle.  We made love on the kitchen table and the ended the evening in bed with me riding him hard in my ass and he nearly pushed to the ceiling when he had his orgasm.  I had at least six that night.”

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